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Radiant Logic
Digital image of lower Manhattan / Duratrans on lightbox  2001, 2002

Animated Version


Dream: Radiant Logic
Powerpoint animation, 2006
Center for Consciousness Studies
University of Arizona - April 2006
(click here or on above image to launch 5-minute Powerpoint animation)

My work often lets the viewer look through and beyond transparent layers. The work gives you options for what you may focus on, with the clear suggestion that there are multiple perspectives. I look for systems of organization that are present, though transparent. I look for organizing characteristics in the way we think, the way we structure city life, and the way we regard the natural world.

I like flow charts, diagrams that clarify the stages of a process, and they often appear in my work. Flow charts use shapes that symbolize input and output and decisions. These shapes are also used in the study of logic, to describe the paths pursued in the search for logical conclusions. I have developed a chart of a closed system that leads inescapably to a conclusion (see Radiant Logic).

Logic Prevails -- Not a headline I expect to read soon, but a hope that flickers occasionally in the face of life’s absurdity.



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